Our first in person seminar where you will learn how I find outstanding stocks to buy and hold for the long term.

Emmet Savage

Chief Investor & Co-Founder of MyWallSt

MyWallSt app stock selections have beaten the returns of the U.S. stock market in every timeframe since launch. This was achieved by rigorously applying the lessons I’ve spent 25 years learning.

I’m Emmet Savage, co-founder of MyWallSt. My personal portfolio has enjoyed 21% annual return for twenty years – almost four fold the average annual return of the S&P 500 in the same period.

I’ve spent my life studying publicly listed stocks. For the first time I’d like to share the how of what I do.

This is your opportunity to take 25 years of learnings, absorb them in one day, and apply them to your own investing life to build your own successful portfolio.

Upcoming events


Dublin (Ireland)
September 20th, 2019
The Shelbourne Hotel
5-Star landmark hotel located in the heart of Dublin, overlooking the magnificent St. Stephen’s Green.


New York City
November 8th, 2019
18 West 23rd Street, NY 10010
Located in the Flatiron District in the very heart of Manhattan with Union Square, Chelsea, West Village and Time Square just blocks away.


9:00 am
(30 min)
Welcome (Including Teas/Coffees/Pastries)
9:30 am
(30 min)
The one lesson from history every investor should know
 & 3 critical personality traits for investing success
10:00 am
(30 min)
The only 5 ways to get truly wealthy
10:30 am
(30 min)
What my best 10-baggers had in common
11:00 am
(30 min)
Coffee Break
11:30 am
(30 min)
What’s behind our Six Golden Rules
12:00 pm
(45 min)
Invest like a VC (Venture Capitalist)
12:45 pm
(75 min)
Lunch (Provided)
2:00 pm
(60 min)
A deep dive into the research resources I regularly use
3:00 pm
(45 min)
Heat map of 100 MyWallSt stocks including my favorite 12 and least favorite 6
3:45 pm
(15 min)
Coffee Break
4:00 pm
(30 min)
What I’m going to do when the market falls
4:30 pm
(15 min)
Introducing Pulse. What it is and how it can help you?
4:45 pm
(45 min)
What my next investment is and why
5:30 pm
(15 min)
Closing remarks

Our Promises

1. You will leave the day with a solid understanding of how Emmet Savage finds winning long-term investments.

2. You will develop your ability to emotionally and practically navigate through the overwhelming choice and noise of the US stock market, towards success.

3. No upsell. Unlike almost every other investing seminar, this is not lining you up to buy another product.

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Get your ticket now

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  • Access to our inaugural InPerson event.
  • One year access to Pulse, our new premium service.



  • Access to our inaugural InPerson event.
  • One year access to Pulse, our new premium service valued at $799.

Cost savings $300

First Class

  • Access to our inaugural InPerson event.
  • Three year access to Pulse, our new premium service valued at $2,399.

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About Pulse

Pulse is a premium service planned to provide our market-beating content in a richer format. Using audio and video, subscribers will get access to new MyWallSt stock picks before they go-live anywhere else. This includes our new Stock of the Month picks, a never-before-seen view of our unpublished Watchlist, and a dedicated podcast. The product is in the late stages of design and will be fully revealed at the InPerson seminar. If you like the MyWallSt app I’m pretty sure you’ll love Pulse.

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